Room 1 2010 Term 1

Room 1 2010 Term 1
Look at us now!
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Room 1 2010

Room 1 2010
The Onders of 2010

Waka Waka

Help to save this language by singing!

Room 1 Year 4's on camp

The Year 4 Oneders at Camp 2010

Jamie's Jolly Jokes

The Mix-Ups! Checkout these future stars. This is their item that they created for our camp concert.

Caleb, Zak, Wiremu and Crew

Room 1 Sharing our learning and thinking - My Space, Our Space and Outer Space

Room 1 Participating and Contributing


Joseph's Homework Presentation

We are learning to sing this song to help our own trees grow and learn more Te Reo.

The Battle of Rorke's Drift Term 4

There's Something in the Water - Brooke Fraser

The Oneder's Team at the BP Technology Team

The Oneder's Team at the BP Technology Team
What a wonderful team!

The Vampire Squid

The Deep

Are rocks alive too?

Valleys, Deserts and Mars

Humans on the Moon and in Space

Did you know there is a frozen Ocean in Space?

How life on Earth links to Outer Space

The link between Outer Space and Our Space

Exploring the Unknown

A beautiful journey through the Universe!

A Journey across the Universe!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Te wiki o te reo maori

This week it is maori language week and our class has been working to learn maori language.
There  is a competition on and we have to write a page for a maori story book. It dosen't have to be all maori but Eli and Hayden wrote it all in maori and Eli did it in english too.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flick-It-On!: Workshops 2012

Flick-It-On!: Workshops 2012: Thank you students and teachers that attended the Flick-It-On! Workshop Day 2012.  What a fantastic day of collaboration, thinking, creative......

This is the brainstorm that our group completed together when we all first got together. Damion from BIS guided us in getting to know each other which was creative and fun. Next was the brainstorming that came from the theme/topic: Pushing the Boundaries.
We started as a pair share brainstorm, then 2 pairs joined together and we all shared our ideas, then used our critical thinking to select the best of the four. This is the result of our sharing and selecting. Issac from Enner Glynn recorded our thinking on paper as we shared back.
Miss W (Kate) downloaded a free trial of kidspiration from the cloud/internet tools and used it to record our thinking. Now we need to decide on which one to as our final focus and direction for our movie! We are loving Flick it On!